One of the best things that you can come to realize when you’re shopping for medical supplies here is  we’re on you side and we want to be sure that you get the products  you need including the proper  urinary catheter. Here at SafeGuard Medical Supplies we have a full range of the products including discrete intermittent catheters to help you along with a high degree of privacy. One of the things that we've taken great steps to provide our clients with is the selection they need when it comes to urinary catheter choices. As far as the choice we provide when it comes to these intermittent catheters, you'll see a variety of sizes on our website that will give you optimum choices to suit your particular condition. Of course we understand the need for selection here and that there are different products to suit different conditions when it comes to a urinary catheter.

A Selection of Urinary Catheters To Choose From

That’s why we also have a group of different Foley Catheters to choose from. It’s our goal here at SafeGuard Medical Supplies to make sure that our clientele have a variety of different choices when it comes to this kind of product and that the selection we offer is both efficient and very and affordable. Part of providing our clientele with a complete service goes beyond the inventory of specialized medical products we carry and into the kind of customer service that we can be especially proud of.  SafeGuard Medical Supplies wants you to think of them as your one-stop shop for all of these medical supplies including urinary catheter products. We also understand there is a dimension of compassion and discreteness that we need to uphold to be sure that you feel comfortable dealing with us.

Comprehensive Shipping

That's why we also have a comprehensive shipping department that offers you a number of different methods and prices to make sure a private product like a urinary catheter arrives at your home both discretely and quickly. As well as the urological supplies that we have here, it's important for our clientele to understand we carry a variety of other items including products for diabetes and a fine selection of back braces to name just a few. As far as we're concerned, it's not just about getting the client the right kind of urinary catheter but being able to offer them a complete package which includes affordable and efficient shipping. Because reputation is one of our primary concerns and we want to be sure to bring you only the best when it comes to a urinary catheter or any other kind of product, we have associations with some of the best brands in the medical supply industry including MHC Medical and Therafirm. Our primary objective is customer service and adding you to our ever-expanding list of repeat clientele. For that purpose, we have included a subscriber only newsletter whereby you will get all the information on the latest and best deals we have to offer in everything from a urinary catheter to the specific kind of specialized medical item you need. We like to think of ourselves as a compassionate supplier of the kind of specialized medical products you need. We also know that whether you are looking at a urinary catheter or a diabetic tester you want to be sure to get the best value for your money, and that's why we offer free shipping on orders over $100 and most orders ship within 24 hours. It's all part of our commitment here at SafeGuard Medical Supplies to getting you the very best in specialty medical products at affordable prices.